Short sleeve short leg growsuit with snap buttons (inner leg) for easy dressing.

The short leg growsuit is perfect for the warmer summer days being super lightweight and breathable.


Cute Bear Growsuit

Color: Light Blue


    Size                  Weight                Height                  


    Up to 4 Kg Up to 55cm
    0-3 months 4-6 Kg Up to 62cm
    3-6 months 6-8 Kg Up to 68cm
    6-12 months 8-10 Kg Up to 76cm
    12-18 months 10-12 Kg Up to 84cm
    18-24 months 12-14Kg Up to 92cm
    2-3 Years - Up to 100cm
    3-4 Years - Up to 105cm
    4-5 Years - Up to 110cm


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